It’s very sad to be forced to post as the first news in our new web site, the one relating to the passing of a member of our family: our adorable Paros is dead.

Paros had come to our family, along with his brother Skyros, in September of 2002, at the age of about one month.

Paros spent his life by surveying the property, by welcoming all the guests with a lot of kindness, by giving a continuous affection. He was very patient and respectful of everyone, both with people and animals, and got along well with both cats and birds.

He did not like to run, but loved to eat and sleep.

Now we like to imagine Paros while tests its new wings,  before starting to fly from child to child to bring them a dose of comfort in the saddest moments, by do not forgetting his beloved brother Skyros.

Thanks for everything, our sweet Paros. We miss you so much.

Paros, August 2002 – August 2014.