OLD…er than 55

Many of the protagonists of the nineties are mainly responsible of the current economic, cultural and social difficulties.

They were young entrepreneurs, brokers and financial traders, all scions of wealthy families, who have had the luxury to squander resources that someone else accumulated in their favor; they continued to play Monopoly, even after a degree. They burned and destroyed as much as possible; and now it is up to me and to my peers to rebuild.

Now they are at least 55 years old, and many of them are crying for their humiliating current condition; they could have thought of that before. I do not feel sorry for them,  although I will do everything to do not increase their suffering.

To them I kindly ask for to stay away from me; do not look for me, do not try to know me and if anything you were to meet me, change your way: my pace is more intense than your, my goals are beyond your horizon; walking with me, you would live in fear and you’ll end up hurting yourself. Stay away.
Your children are my friends, your grandchildren are the future.