Legend & Spirit Dry Dock

On behalf of our main partner Valsamis Inc., we followed up two dry docks in May: Carnival Legend dry dock at Vigor Shipyard in Portland (US) and Carnival Spirit dry dock at Sembmarine Shipyard in Singapore.

We operated as supervisors for the replacement of the existing ceiling of different Freezer rooms. The team was formed by dozen of technicians, in group dedicated to several activities:

  • existing ceiling panels dismantling and demolishing, and installation of the new ones;
  • existing pipes repairing in way of leaking points;
  • deck plates repairing throught installation of doubler plates;
  • pipes insulation replacement.

Each dry dock lasted 12 days.

Between the two dry docks, we surveyed also the Carnival Liberty, on board of which we recorded a series of 3d laser scans in way of the engines casing.