Cooperation with Ship & Boat

A few months ago we started a cooperation with Ship & Boat, design office based in Venice, with long years experience especially in work boats and small ferries field.

Target of the cooperation is to enlarge the offered technical services and the market presence.

Up to now, several projects and activities have been approached together Ship & Boat; here following the main ones.

  • Barge for heavy loads: analysis of deck structure and underdeck stiffeners if way of lashing points.
  • 30m Pax Ferry, Hybrid propulsion, new building – for this project several activities have been performed, of which ER Ventilation System Design, Structural Analysis of Mast, Traffic & Doors Plan was the topics.
  • Dredger Ladder type: in this project the main activity has concerned the design, supported by FE analysis, of the structural arm supporting the suction head of the dredger.