Disney Magic 01

DISNEY MAGIC – New Hot Potable Water System


Project Number: SPSD_040
Title: New Hot Potable Water System
Customer: Valsamis Inc.
Vessel: Disney Magic
Year: 2013
Period: July – October
Project Dimension Range (hours): 250 – 500
Type: Design & Installation Survey
Location: Head Office & Shipyard
Shipyard: Navantia, Cadiz (Spain)

Project Description:

The scope of supply was to review the existing design and the philosophy of the entire Hot Potable Water System (delivery side).

The original system was based on water feeding per deck-ring, and each ring was fed through a dedicated riser, which started in way of the Water Pumps Compartment (FWD Ship Zone).
The original risers number was 21.
In this way, specially for the risers headed to AFT (11 risers), there was a dedicated penetration per each crossed bulkhead. The Owner intended also to reduce as much as possible the total number of the bulkhead penetration.

Under the above hypothesis, the target was to identify the minimum number of main risers, in order to allow to feed each deck ring through a dedicated deck branch, outgoing from the risers at the same deck level.  Finally the risers (material selected was AISI 316), resulted in number of 3: one for the FWD Rings feeding, one for the AFT Rings feeding, and one dedicated for the Galleys feeding (3 galleys AFT).

One of the most critical aspect was to indentify the most suitable (and easy to access) locations where place the pressure reducing valves (one per ring), once the ring-branch had left the main riser.

Globally, the supply consisted on the following phases:

  • preliminary two days on board survey;
  • existing system analysis and preliminary proposal of design review;
  • installation survey during dry dock operation and detailed design finalization;
  • as built system diagrams
  • valves and fitting selection