Carnival Freedom In Antigua



Project Number: SPSD_052
Customer: Valsamis Inc.
Vessel: 8 Vessels of CCL
Year: 2014-2017
Project Dimension Range (hours): 250 – 500
Type: Design, Class Approval & Installation Survey
Location: Office & On Board

Project Description:

New Emission Control Areas (ECA) Rules involved the necessity to increase the quantity of Diesel Oil stored on board the vessels, unless scrubber system is installed.
Eight vessels of the CCL fleet was selected to be converted as per above.

Mainly, per each vessel, 3 of the existing HFO storage tanks became Dual Fuel tanks, to be loaded with HFO or DO based on the necessity.

The scope of supply was to review the existing design and the philosophy of the entire HFO and DO System: new DO bunkering lines, new supply/suction/transferring lines, new DO transfer pumps.

Additionally, CCL decided to add a second Fuel Feeder Module in a compartment different than the one where the existing feeder module is located, so to allow the possibility to supply fuel to the engines also in case one of the two module/compartment is damaged or under fire.

For this part of project, named Redundancy project, the scope of supply was to select the better location for the new feeder module, update the existing design of the HFO and DO System as also of the New Feeder Module cooling system, either through chilled and fresh water.

The Class Approval (LR), for all the updated system, was part of the supply.

Globally, the supply consisted on the following phases:

  • preliminary survey on board of vessels;
  • existing system analysis and preliminary proposal of design review;
  • definitive design and relevant approval from Company and Class;
  • valves and fitting selection;
  • on board survey during new system installation.